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Butterfly Wedding Invitations

As butterflies emerge from its cocoon into the richness of new life, the newlywed couple also starts a new life jointly. A butterfly symbolizes many things in special cultures such as freedom, creativity, spring and even divine inspiration. Nothing is extra fitting to announce your upcoming wedding to your guests. 
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Butterfly Wedding Invitations can create your wedding or even the most superb your guests have ever experienced. Love is like a Butterfly, it's beautiful and delicate and needs to be handling with amazing care. It’s looking very nice and so pretty, this invitations are attractive others.
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The charmed range is one of our many butterfly designs. The front of the invitation is printed with your names and is bedecked with a glitter butterfly. It is over with an organza ribbon bow and trail of Swarovski crystals.
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This set is very eye infectious and perfect for those who love butterflies. The color of the butterfly can be distorted very easily to coordinate with a chosen color scheme. The entire set is very quick and simple to make.
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Imprison the magic and romance of the butterfly with our butterfly wedding invitations.  A butterfly theme wedding invitation is a beautiful way to include the wonders of nature into your exceptional day. From the beautiful monarch butterfly to the silver spotted skipper butterflies, your invitations will surely be amazing.
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Finish your butterfly theme wedding invitation by adding modified wording in rich colors that capture thoughts of summer breezes and fluttering butterflies. Your butterfly wedding invitations are printed on outstanding card stock using an eco-friendly printing process and inks. Wedding invitations with butterfly imagery are truly extraordinary.
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Butterfly Wedding Invitations give us the spring feel to any wedding and these butterfly invites are actually admired. They're easy and elegant. 
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